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My WHY... My Love for Theater

Walk with me down memory lane as I tell you my first interaction with theater. I remember one day I was trying out to be a part of a high school play, and even though I was shy as a bed bug, the passion that I didn’t know I had at the time gave me the courage to try out. The day of tryouts, I stayed after school and practiced the dance moves multiple times that we learned because I wanted to make sure that when I got on that stage I would show that I

earn the right to be a part of the school play. The anticipation of finding out if I made it or not just about killed me, because everyone had to wait a few days to see the results. When I found out that I made it, I was so happy and nervous at the same time because now I’m thinking “What did I just get myself into”. At this time I was a freshmen and this was my first play ever, and it was when I was 16 years old that I found the love of theater. I had a joy of being a part of many plays such as: Sweet Charity, Big, Princess and the Pea, and Jesus Christ Super star, with Princess and the Pea being my favorite.

The love for Theater gave me the desire to want to apart of the entertainment industry. Now even though I experienced what it felt to entertain an audience my heart wanted to be a part of the industry another way. I found it intriguing how plays were put together by an individual with a vision, so with that I always wanted to be behind the scenes being the creator.  One thing that I mentioned in my personal experience when I was trying out for my first play was that I practiced very hard, and in the entertainment industry you will find that it challenges you to have the grind that will make you sweat for a rightful spot in showbiz whether as the talent or a working professional. I look at the entertainment industry as a character builder, because it makes you go through trials and hardships just so you can get to the other side of glory. This isn’t an industry that will allow you to slack because there is always someone waiting to take your place.  It is definitely bitter sweet because when those sour times come they come hard, but the reward of success and self-achievement brings the sweetness, just like a blow pop sucker. And with my experience I can tell you that I have gone through so many down falls with trying to pursue  entrepreneurship within the industry, but I can also say that it has built my character by showing me that I’m stronger mentally and physically then I ever thought I was.

Through my journey of life I have indulged in different experiences while being a part of theater, on stage and in the audience. One of them is an undeniable energy that is exchanged between the actors and the audience, which I absolutely love. The authenticity of an actors craft just hits you like a ton of bricks as they do what they love. The hard work, life issues, pain or love that actors may be experience behind the curtains of the industry is put into energy that ultimately creates a realness in their performance as well in theater, and that is the main reason I love the entertainment world and what it has to offer.

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